[thechat] FW: IQ tests

Nicole P nicole at parrot.ca
Tue Mar 26 18:05:01 CST 2002

true example
are both synonymous
therefore look for synonymous in the answers.
You'll find
expurgate : vomit

Or this one
(holo : (ounce : gram)) : (kilo : (mile : meter)) :: (contra : (band :
music)) : ___?
Add the words together
Holoounce doesn't make sense, but hologram does
Kilomile doesn't work, but kilometer does
However in the second part, you get the opposite
Contraband works, but contramusic doesn;t
my answer:
(loco : (motion : sensor))
(locomotion vs locosensor)

other possible answers were: (all match the second word, instead of the
first one)
        (school : (foot : yard))

        (ear : (beat : drum))

        (band : (length : width))

        (loco : (motion : sensor))

        (light : (measurement : weight))

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