[thechat] Big Cheesy Grin!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Wed Mar 27 09:32:01 CST 2002

Hi Gang,

My turn for a "big cheesy grin"!    ;-)

I threw my first 'monster' game last night in league.  [American

Okay, actually it was my first 'monster' game ever!  (I've had some
pretty good games before - but nothing this close to magic.)

I came into the night with a 179 average (166 book) - which is pretty
good, but not spectacular.

I started off the first game with a nine-bagger, (nine strikes in a
row). Pretty amazing considering that I don't think I've even thrown a
turkey, (three strikes in a row), for a couple weeks now.

Anyway ... what with my heart racing, knees knocking, teeth chattering,
hands shaking and sphincter sphincting ... I 'choked' ... closing it out
with eight, spare, strike ... for my first ever 278 game!


(an unusually cheerful)  RonL.

Postscript: Sadly - "Mr. Consistency" came back down to earth for the
rest of the series, finishing with a 646.

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