[thechat] Big Cheesy Grin!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Wed Mar 27 11:47:02 CST 2002

Hi Glenn,

Hmmm ... must be something in the html ... Uh, I mean 'water' ....

Not a bad site - I like the screen mimicking a scorecard - I may swipe that!   ;-)
(I've done a few sites for leagues I've been in for kicks.)

Hey!  50 pins over average is always a sweet game!

(Naw - I was in a league of old retired guys a few years ago that put me in my place.  Yup - I was whupped up on by a old blind guy!  [If he didn't get a strike - his teammate would whisper in his ear to tell him what pins were still standing - he'd make his adjustment and make the spare - darn guy had a 182 average!])

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From: Glenn Turner [mailto:gturner at ync.net]

oh yeah, and our league has a swank website (well, the backend is pretty
sweet - i don't care for the nav) that the head organizer set up for us ...
it's at http://www.bowlingintospring.com and you can see just how bad our
entire league is :)

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