[thechat] driving test (was: IQ tests)

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Thu Mar 28 09:43:01 CST 2002

> From: ".jeff" <jeff at members.evolt.org>

> and you remember to turn that blinker off you pass someone, turn, change lanes
> -- you pass.  ;p
> blink blink, i'm an idiot.  blink, blink, i'm an idiot.
or blink, blink, my stereo's too loud...

minutes after writing about bad drivers yesterday, i hit the road and saw
not one, but *two* people make left turns from 1 or *2 lanes* too far to the
right. and that was just in the first 2 miles from home.

i then had the opportunity to do the same thing, but i decided to just keep
going forward and drive the extra 2 blocks to correct it. not that i wasn't
tempted to just barge in.
time wasted: about 1 minute
accidents avoided: 1 potential
laws broken: 0
people annoyed/endangered by my actions: 0

matt g

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