[thechat] A favor to ask of British Evolters.

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Did you try to see if you could order it online?

Ron White

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I'm wondering if there is a British Evolter who would be willing to do a
favor for me.

There is a magazine called Internet Advisor published in the UK.  I've
looked for it here and called around, and no one here seems to carry it.

The issue that is coming out next week includes a piece of software on the
included cd that my boyfriend wrote.  Internet Advisor is sending a copy for
him, but I'd love to pick up a copy or two for his parents.

Would anyone be willing to pick up a few issues and send them to me?  If you
have a paypal account, I'll do that to give you the money for

Thank you very much!


heather at ubergeek-femmes.com
hclift at glhec.org

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