[thechat] Astigmata

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu Apr 4 16:02:00 CST 2002

    Recently though I've been feeling dizzy and I wanted to
    see if it had anything to do with my vision.  No verdict yet. We'll
    wait and see when I get my glasses.


Hi Dave

A few years back when I was forced to use a really old, tired, 21"
monitor I started to suffer frequent headaches, was unable to hold
anything at a distance in focus for more than a few seconds, or even
look straight ahead while walking under moderate glare from the sun.

The optometrist I went to took me through a three-quarter hour test, and
told me my eyesight was still 20/20, but my eyes were just incredibly
weak and tired. The glasses prescribed really helped for a few months,
but since then I only wear them if I'm pulling 18 hour stretches in
front of bad monitors for more than a few days.

Astigmatism aside, you'll probably feel a whole lot better within a
short period of time and not need to wear them always. Besides, now you
get to shop for frames, which is always fun. :)


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