[thechat] metaspam?

Lachlan Cannon tiedefenderdelta6 at yahoo.com
Fri May 3 08:37:00 CDT 2002

Got this in my email today. Too damn funny. A spam
promoting spam. Does that make it a metaspam or just lame?

Personally, I think they would be able to market it better
with the line:

'Annoy other people as much as we're annoying you right

I noticed your email address on a list serve related to
technology and web
  development. Our company has developed a simple,
risk-free and cost effective
  method of generating leads and creating awareness for
your Company through targeted
  email marketing. Please read on to find out more about
this awesome service

The process:
You provide us with keywords pertaining to your company's
target market.
Using our proprietary spider software, we spider the
Internet searching
for email addresses that are on pages that match those
We setup a database driven form, which allows the prospect
to input their
    contact, company, and any other relative information
that you may require.
We send emails to the addresses collected. These emails do
not contain your
    company’s name, so that your company is protected.
Once the prospect has filled out and submitted their
information, the data
    is automatically written to a database.
You may then login to our web driven application and view
the current leads
    that have been submitted.
We typically provide our clients with anywhere from 30 –
200 leads per
  week with our standard package depending on:
Target market
Keywords used
Product pricing
We will help develop a customized system for your company
that will ensure
maximum return.
Our standard package includes the following:
HTML email design and implementation
Form and database setup
Over 100,000 emails distributed per month (done on a weekly
Email address collection and filtering

Cost: $775 per Month - Our standard pricing is $1500 per
month, but if you
  order before May 6th 2002 we will do it for this low
price as long as you
  are our customer.

The above price is all-inclusive, and no other charges will
be incurred. We
  can also provide higher quantities of distribution if
required. Please contact
  us for details

If you would like more information on our services or would
like to get started
  please click here

Gary Michaels

"Have you ever attempted to be yourself, when everybody wants you to be someone else." - Powderfinger's Up & Down & Back Again

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