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At 11:16 PM 5/2/2002, you typed:

>Spider-man won't be coming here to India till the end of May, so could any
>of you American mates give me your impression of the movie if you've seen it?

I'll be seeing it later today, so I'll write in what I think later.

>(Somebody mentioned Kirsten Dunst in a wet t-shirt scene :p )

Yeah, well, I'm far more interested in the spider man guy that my son tells
me has quite an 8-pak and is really built. Don't really care about the wet
t-shirt scene <grin>, but I'll see how my 14-year-old son responds to that
one. ;-) You'll probably have to ask the guys about that one.

Reminds me of my ex-husband's fraternity in college who would go on a
"shower raid," breaking into the sororities in the middle of the night,
kidnapping the girls from their beds, and throwing them in the showers at
their fraternity.... just for that wet-t-shirt effect.

I was a little enough person that I could hide under my bed and I never did
get caught (I would have punched 'em out anyway, so they wouldn't have
gotten very far <grin>). These days the fraternity would probably be
arrested for trying to do that, now that I think about it (breaking and
entering, kidnapping, inflicting whatever....).

Instead, they almost got arrested the same year for capturing a couple
dozen ducks from the nearby lake and letting them loose on the sleeping
porches of two sororities.... the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals went after them. Fortunately none of the ducks died,  as we
sorority ladies took care of them and got them back to the lake, but they
managed to make quite a mess on the floors, too. ;-)

Silly college pranks. While some of it was silly fun and nonsense, I
remember my senior year being a little fed up with all the pranks and
couldn't wait to get away from that stuff.

Nonetheless, I loved those days of nonsense ;-) and still managed to
graduate somehow.

Back to Spider Man: I'll keep ya posted, Madhu. I can't wait to get away
from my desk, too. Busy, nutso week!


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