[thechat] Monitor, scanner for sale

Beau Hartshorne beau at members.evolt.org
Fri May 3 21:02:01 CDT 2002



Sony 19" G400 FD Trinitron Monitor: $500 CDN, $320 US
HP ScanJet 2200c 600dpi USB Scanner: $100 CDN, $65 US

I've sold my desktop machine, and replaced it with a laptop. I did this
because I am moving to Montreal (Quebec) from Victoria (BC), and did not
want to carry my desktop with me.

I thought I wanted to keep my monitor, but I thought about it some more
and I decided that I don't want to leave it behind in storage.

The monitor is a 19" Sony Multiscan G400 FD Trinitron, and is
horizontally and vertically flat. The monitor was manufactured in
February of 2000 (stamped on the back), and the three year parts +
labour warranty expires in February 2003.

Here's some specs:


I ran it at 1024x768 @ 120hz, which was nice on the eyes (a lot better
than the 1600x1200 on the laptop, but that's another story...)

I'll take offers on $500 CDN, or $320 US.

With the laptop, I got a "free" scanner. I don't need this either, I
want to travel as light as I can. The scanner is in still sealed in its
original box. It's an one-week old HP ScanJet 2200c, and is a 600dpi USB
scanner. Here's some specs:


I'll take offers on $100 CDN, or $65 US.

Please email beau at members.evolt.org offlist.



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