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Fri May 3 22:39:00 CDT 2002

At 02:00 PM 5/3/2002, you typed:

>At 11:16 PM 5/2/2002, Shirley typed:
>>Spider-man won't be coming here to India till the end of May, so could any
>>of you American mates give me your impression of the movie if you've seen it?
>I'll be seeing it later today, so I'll write in what I think later.

The theater was absolutely packed! And that was for a Friday late
afternoon. They're anticipating sold out shows all weekend, too.

Overall I thought it was pretty good. Decent acting, the special effects
were pretty good. I suspect it's probably more of a guy movie with all the
action going on with Spider-Man going after the bad guy. The story line
kept my interest, it had some funny parts, too, and I enjoyed trying to
figure out how they did the special effect stuff.

>>(Somebody mentioned Kirsten Dunst in a wet t-shirt scene :p )

Yeah, well, that lasted about 3 seconds. If that's all you're going for, it
hardly seems worth it. However, I'm not into seeing girls in wet t-shirts,
so maybe I have a different perspective since I'd rather see a guy in a wet
t-shirt. ;-)

>Yeah, well, I'm far more interested in the spider man guy that my son tells
>me has quite an 8-pak and is really built.

Not as exciting as I'd been led to believe, either, BTW, but not bad at
all. ;-) I wouldn't go see the movie just for that, though.

If you want to kick back and watch a movie based on an interesting comic
book character, though, it's a fine movie with interesting special effects.
I also liked all the New York City scenery. Nice.

My son liked it a lot and would like to see it again. Me, well, I don't
care if I see it again or not, but it was fine the first time around, and I
did enjoy it well enough. I suspect my son will rent it when it comes out
for that, and I'll watch it with him again, though. :-)


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