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Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
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At 03:01 AM 5/4/2002, you typed:

>At 02:43 AM 5/4/2002, Shirley "Warmly" Kaiser wrote:

<big chuckle> That seems to be turning into my middle name, huh?

>>Yeah, well, I'm far more interested in the spider man guy that my son tells
>>me has quite an 8-pak and is really built.
>Is that even possible? I didn't think that you could have more than a

It was just a joke from my son. ;-) I found the special effects far more
interesting. Then again, Tobey Maguire isn't my type, either. I go for
Robert Redford, Harrison Ford.... :-)

>  Is Toby Maguire's rectus abdominis different? Hmmm...
>(who's aiming for a 6-pack in another 6 months.

Well, Madhu, I also want to get in better shape. I'm determined to get more
exercise and get more active again..... far too much time at my computer.

Maybe by now you've seen my other note about what I thought of the movie
overall. It's getting rave reviews here (northern California) and being
made such a fuss over. So maybe I'm one of the few who found it good but
not exceptional, although I especially had fun watching the special effects
with Spider-Man spidering from building to building, etc. I'm really
looking forward to the new Star Wars coming out here May 16th, though.

Here's some Spider-Man stuff on the Web:

Spider-Man - the official site
Lots of interesting stuff there, of course

I watched interviews of the set designers, for example, and a little about
how they figured out the set and put it together, and some other production
clips and iPIX 360 degrees images. I like seeing how they figure out the
effects, plan it all out, put it together. I'm fascinated by that kind of
thing. I'd love to see more.

Spider-Man fan site with lots of info

Lots more just by searching at google for "spider-man movie."

Fun stuff. :-)


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