[thechat] Big stupid plea... Kenya

Bird bird at koolfish.com
Mon May 13 09:50:01 CDT 2002

In Bangkok they eat bugs for fun. Down the end of my street is a vendor
who cooks up deep fried crickets and bugs on a nightly basis, they sell
better than hotdogs here.

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Hi Ashok!

Interesting questions!  ;-)

(1) I can't say!  {Living in Texas at the moment, I have been sworn to
secrecy! Shhhhh!}  However, I will point out that there was a time when
many 'Westerners' thought Idi Amin was the epitome of African political
leadership ... perhaps now the shoe is on the other foot!

(2) Unfortunately.  I tend to put them in the same category with [from
what I have heard - but not seen] the Asian game shows where contestants
do stupid things like eat a bug for money.


(Who notes that while the US does not have a monopoly on stupidity ...
it does seem to be an overly abundant natural resource.)

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the no.1 question on every kenyans mind :

1) Is George W Bush really an outer space alien ?

2) Are shows like jerry springer , queen latifah where mom , dad and
kids slug it out on national tv for real ? [over here , family business
is strictly family business & not for public consumption ]
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