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At 10:32 PM 5/8/2002, M wrote:
>I love Nusrat Fateh Ali

His songs were quite popular here in India too.

And since we're discussing music, and I noticed stef posting about it, I
thought I'd join in.

Among the 80+ cable TV channels we get here is a French music channel
called MCM (www.mcm.net)
I watch it because they play English songs half the time. I observed a
couple of French songs that were played frequently.

1) "Qui Est L'exemple" by a group (person?) called ROHFF. Essentially a rap
song with an R*B chorus. I've always considered French a very delicate,
poetic language. When I heard this dude rapping in French, I felt
distressed. I dislike English rap, but listening to French rap is
traumatic. They shouldn't treat the language like that, I tell you. Hey
stef, is French rap very popular there?

2) "Ou Va Le Monde" by a lady called Jalane. The first few times I saw this
video, I didn't pay much attention to the song. That's because the singer
is very hot (visit the wallpaper section of www.jalane.net if you don't
believe me). What a stunner! The next few times, I actually listened to the
song and it's quite catchy, even if I don't understand a word of it. Stef,
is Jalane popular too?


(this post got delayed four days while my PC got treated for a busted power

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