[thechat] Can somebody Guess this Song?

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Mon May 13 23:31:00 CDT 2002

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> 1) "Qui Est L'exemple" by a group (person?) called ROHFF. Essentially a
> song with an R*B chorus. I've always considered French a very delicate,
> poetic language. When I heard this dude rapping in French, I felt
> distressed. I dislike English rap, but listening to French rap is
> traumatic. They shouldn't treat the language like that, I tell you. Hey
> stef, is French rap very popular there?

Get the right rappers and they'll make it sound good - Saian Supa Crew (sp?)
sound fantastic on the Avalanches album "Since I Left You", even if its only
a tiny snippet of their work. Its a king of jumpy/choppy style, yet somehow
it keeps the poeticism (I might have just made that word up :-) of the
language intact. I like it, anyway :-)

I get the feeling that SSC arent really all that mainstream (I may be wrong,
I only really keep tabs on the UK music scene), but off the beaten track is
where all the best music comes from IMHO.

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