[thechat] Big stupid plea... Kenya

ashok at magicalkenya.com ashok at magicalkenya.com
Tue May 14 04:37:01 CDT 2002

>....thought Idi Amin was the epitome of African political leadership .....

there have been a few rumors in the local media since idi amin dada's bbc
interview that he might be coming back , there was even a rumor that he had
left arabia and was hiding out in mombasa ! if I see him i will tell yu
people first....

>....do stupid things like eat a bug ...

IMO some of these things can actually taste good ,its just a matter of
getting to taste it -  of course it has to be cooked properly not eaten
raw... : )   ,  i have experienced eating stuff like  crocodile (tastes
like a bony fish) ,   ostrich (kinda tough but tasty meat) , zebra , camel
(this was apparently a somali  speciality) , camel milk tea (this stinks
but doesnt taste so bad) , common egg-eater snake (pretty tasty - had it on
a camping trip) , omlettes from ostrich egg ,   - most of these are
available at some speciality restaurants where the meat comes from farms
which grow the animals for human consumption.  Dont really have experience
in the bug-eating department though...., might taste good , yu never know ;

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