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Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers

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>Fetchmail's docs are spectacularly obtuse

Really? I found them no worse than your average man page (which is still
pretty bad).

Fetchmail *does* have a few issues though in reliably fetching large
(most mails with attachments) from POP boxes, which can then clog
up getting the rest of your messages. I've got mine set up to
skip large messages, email me to notify (so I can manually fetch if
it's urgent), and only fetch them on every 10th run.

>- maybe
>Python people are just like that because the language
>is comparatively easy to read; certainly Zope's
>documentation is the worst I have *ever* seen on any
>product ever

Hey,  you found documentation!
<tip type="Zope documentation" author="martin at members.evolt.org">
Despite being an application with a sigmoidal learning cliff, Zope is
exceptionally badly documented.

This suggests that there's a fertile market for good Zope books. Market
there may be. <yoda>Fulfilment of that need, there is not.</yoda>

The Zope Book is free from Zope.org. Good job it's free - it's awful as a
learning resource. Don't pay for for the dead tree version.
The Zope Web Application Construction Kit is a great howto to configure
some popular Zope products (CMF, Squishdot). But if you want your site to
do anything different from a pre-fab recipe, you're stuffed.
The Book of Zope is actually not bad (so far). It has actual code samples
(woo!) in both DTML and Python, and goes into why you'd use one rather than
the other. Best I've seen so far.

>Either get root to do it

You can also run it as your own user, although it tends to fail if you're
logged out

>with the syntax
>user chris with password foo is chrisevans here
>(or similar)

user chris with password foo is chrisevans here options ssh
is handy if your host supports it - a regular, predicable schedule of
logging in with cleartext makes me a bit nervous.


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