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Hey - I was working and didn't see it right away.

[FWIW - my first impression was that they weren't playing against each other.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!]

Just had to chime in on two technicalities:

1) Actually, when played at the "highest" levels, *most* chess games end in a tie. Chess has a "draw" which can be mutually agreed upon - and usually is.  There is also an odd rule about a position being duplicated three consecutive times that enables either player to claim a "draw" - even without the other's consent, but that's pretty rare.

2) Chess also has a "stalemate", where one player cannot make a legal move when it is their turn.  Stalemates also count as a tie if you are playing in a tournament or something.

(I was on the "varsity" chess team at my high school - usually playing 2nd or 3rd board.  For one match against another school I managed to convince some of the cheerleaders to come and root for us.  Naturally they were bored stiff because they had to be quiet, so they never came to another match ... but I gotta tell ya -- it did absolute wonders for my "rep" among my fellow geeks!)    ;-)

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