[thechat] More stuff I stole from Wired magazine

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Tue May 14 17:17:01 CDT 2002

speaking of chess...

my son eric not only made his grade 4 chess team, his teacher reportedly
said he *was* the grade 4 chess team

i have a picture, but my soon-(i-hope)-to-be-ex wife cautioned me that i
should never put pics of the kids on the web, and my desire for their safety
(she said something like "you never know what kind of perverts there are out
there") outweighs my desire to disagree with her

anyhow, eric *regularly* beats me, and i'm no slouch

shot glass chess

5k chess
hard to believe, eh?  in an age when most web developers have trouble
delivering a simple page that comes in under 30k, here's an entire page that
not only comes in under 5k, it plays chess!!


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