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Tue May 14 18:14:01 CDT 2002

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> > where before there were all these committees, i'm thinking we
> > only really need two -- one team to find a home for weo, and
> > another to find a home for leo (beo and meo will almost
> > assuredly die for bandwidth reasons)
> >
> > rudy
> Yup, if I can.
> Beo is worth finding sponsorship for. Wonder if WaSP would like to babysit
> it? Who would have the kind of bandwidth it needs?

At the risk of going massively offtopic for thechat
(and now keenly aware of the burden I share for suggesting
*this* list in the first place), I'm with Rudy.

We pick priorities and get moving.  BEO probably is
the easiest thing to get sponsored, but I'm not about
to commit time to it until the 'critical list' is
finished.  If it ever does get finished.

Ah well.  Easy come, easy go.   :-(

John Handelaar

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