[thechat] More stuff I stole from Wired magazine

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Tue May 14 19:16:00 CDT 2002

Of course.  I've heard it called lots of different things.  The most
usual being bughouse.  In Canada, I've heard it called siamese chess.
Any open square except placing pawns on the last rank for promotion is
the way we play.

It's a great variation but wreaks havoc on your normal chess (sac'ing
a queen to get the enemy king exposed doesn't work normally) just as
speed usually messes with your slow game.  We usually only play with
partners.  Great test of communication.  The last place I worked, we
played all the time much to the dismay of my IS manager but when the
CEO and the CFO are playing, there's usually no questions.


Luther, Ron writes:

> Eeek.  Forgot about the speed games too!  You ever play what we
> called "bunk-house" chess?  You play two games at the same time
> (partners or singly) - white on one board, black on the other - two
> clocks, set for 2 minutes per player ... for your turn you can
> either move, or (if you are playing white on board 1) place any
> white piece captured on board 2 on any open square on board 1?  It
> gets pretty hilarious - especially when playing partners!

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