[thechat] negligible speed bump from more RAM

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Wed May 15 00:16:04 CDT 2002

I was amazed at the speed at which a G4 I saw a week or so ago opened
windows and files, launched and switched between apps. I asked what
the processor speed was - only 450 MHz "but it has 768 MB RAM" ... I
have a dual 450 and got 512 more MB RAM today for a total of 768 ...
and am bummed that I can't notice much of a speed difference. Messed
around looking for a difference for a while and have done several
hours of work and really don't notice much (if any) of a speed

Where I DO notice it is in apps I care about the least ... Filemaker
launches like lightning and PDF files open almost instantly (and I
didn't even boost the memory allotments for these) ... scrolling
everywhere seems faster ...

But PS and Flash - the two resource intensive apps I use most -  go
at about the same speed ... and honestly, I don't think I would have
noticed if someone would have snuck that 512 MB in there.

Tried it with VM on and off ... have boosted memory allotments of
everything - all multiples of 512 (is that voodoo computing?) ...
switched the slots the sticks are in ... took out the old stick
(which is PC100, new one is PC133) ... messed with my extension set.
Still am disappointed with things.

Just wondering if anyone has any insight into why a single processor
G4 could run so much faster for common tasks than my dual processor
G4 ... latest version of OS 9.2.2, HFS+ ATA HD, 32 MB ATI Radeon and
16 MB ATI Rage128, Disk cache at default (8160K).

I want more speed!

- Erik Mattheis

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9am - 3pm M-F:
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