Geetars (was: RE: [thechat] Big stupid plea... Kenya)

JCanfield at JCanfield at
Wed May 15 15:39:01 CDT 2002

> Don't mention pedals to me, I may only have one guitar, but
> pedals, well lets have a look at the list today:
> Korg AX 30G
> Cry Baby Wah Wah
> Boss Tremelo
>      Digital Delay
>      Turbo Distortion
>      Flanger
>      Phaser
> Pro-Co Rat
> Marshal Shredmaster
> Plus a few other no-name pedals that need new battery
> covers/PCB's etc... and yes before anyone asks, I was (still
> am) a massive My Bloody Valentine and J&MC fan *:)
> G.

When I saw Nil Lara (you know Nil, right?) at The Belly Up Tavern here in
Solana Beach (gorgeous; curved wooden ceiling, small venue, got in free :)
the opening act, a local band called Burning Bridges, had really posh
equipment. Then Nil and co. came out, wearing marvelously ugly shirts (one
Jack-in-the-Box, one 7-Eleven, one McDonald's) and from where I was sitting,
we got to see all the equipment hidden behind the wrap-around speakers. His
lead guitarist's pedal was a homemade thing of wires and stuff jammed into a
Spam can. It was beautiful.

And the show was absolutely the most passionate musical event I've ever


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