Geetars (was: RE: [thechat] Big stupid plea... Kenya)

Erika Meyer emeyer at
Wed May 15 16:56:01 CDT 2002

>  > Not as much as my Takemene lawsuit , but I really liked it.
>Is it really called that, or is that how it was financed?

My Takamene is essentially a very well-imitated Martin D-18.  Made
around 1980, just like the guy mentioned in the post above.

At that time, Takamine was making such good copies of very expensive
guitars, they got sued by various big-name companies.  They were
stopped via legal action, hence the slang "lawsuit" which applies to
other copies Takamine did before they were stopped.  (they copied
many very high quality guitars: fenders, gibsons...)

My fake D-18 is copied down to the logo... the Takamine logo looks
like the Martin logo!  People do a double take when they see this
guitar, they have to read the letters on the head stock to see it
isn't a Martin.

It sounds f*king fantastic.  I got it new when I was 12 years old.
It's small with a big beautiful sound.

I treasure it mainly because it's irreplacable.  Sentimental value
aside, I couldn't afford a Martin, and Takamine doesn't make these
anymore.  (It cost $350 in 1982.)

My boyfriend banged it up recently, even cracked the neck.  It's now
held together with crazy glue.  Still sounds beautiful.

I had to get rid of the boyfriend, though.


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