[thechat] My situation (plight of a newbie)

Weston R. rd84 at playing247.com
Thu May 16 19:00:00 CDT 2002

> > where before there were all these committees, i'm thinking we
> > only really need two -- one team to find a home for weo, and
> > another to find a home for leo (beo and meo will almost
> > assuredly die for bandwidth reasons)
> I wonder if we could do a meo membership rallying to try to save meo?
> meo by contributing for a new box to replace the current one, which we'll
> losing in 7 months. Save the service that is provided to you free of
> charge'). Hey, if you're lucky it could maybe even raise enough to go
> towards some bandwidth costs too. Just seems a shame to let a part of
> die off, unless we absolutely have to, especially after such things as
> getting the chilisoft license donated a while ago.
> Lach

I just found evolt on the 27th of last month and was so excited, I've been
looking for a web society just like this. I signed up for all the mail list
and so far have just been reading in the lists to get a feel for the
culture, the topics, etc... I'm a high school student and an aspiring web
designer with a number of years of piddling under my belt. I saw evolt as a
way to begin introducing myself into the arena of web business, and have
found the articles at evolt very informative and very helpful to an
individual hoping to find a job related to the web. Then come to find out
the "main man" behind evolt is up and leaving, and then this... that meo is
going to get the ax. I was very interested in getting a meo account, to get
experience with a database, with coldfusion, all the backend stuff, I've got
the front end down pretty well. So this is my plea and my offering, please
try to save meo, I would definitely be willing to contribute to help save
meo, and its evident I'm not the only one. Meo is such an amazing resource
that it is definitely worth trying to save in my book.

A stunned newbie,
Weston Renoud

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