[thechat] Ep II (no spoilers) (well, some later on, but with spoiler space)

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> Howdy,
> I'll allow it's possible for Jar Jar as a character or his race to tie
> in with the Jedi and the empire and all that, but how does his
> step-n-fetch-it Ebonics make sense?
> I tuned in to TPM on Fox the other night for about 45 seconds; between
> the no-tickee-no-shirtee Charlie Chan ambassadors and Jar 'Amos and
> Andy' Jar, I decided to wait until ATOC is on t.v.

I really wouldn't rate ATOC based on TPM ... It's an action movie
tour-de-force (once it really finds its feet about half way through), and
there's none of the bollocks from TPM.  Cinema audiences here in Central
Scotland rarely make noises during movies, and it was quite pleasant to have
loud laughter in all the right places, and rousing applause too (mainly at
the initial DAAAAAAAAAAAAN zooming-away-from-Star-Wars-logo opening, and
also at Yoda towards the climax of the movie - again, I don't want to give
anything away).

It's like deciding not to go and see The Empire Strikes Back, because you
saw the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Jar Jar _is_ important in ATOC - I won't dwell on it too much, cos it's a
bit spoilerish - but he's far from the bumbling joke as he was portrayed in
TPM.  I really wouldn't worry about Jar Jar in this movie - there are many
more fun things to watch, especially Yoda!

I MUST comment on the following for those who have seen it (and please
respect the spoiler space if you feel the need to reply) ...

















I need to say:

The opening Coruscant CG sequence - gorgeous!
Jango Fett - cool!
Slave-1 - seriously ubercool!
Mace Windu's purple lightsaber - niiice (does it come in burnt sienna?)
Anakin and Padme's boffing (making out) - too drawn out
Yoda's l33t j3d1 5k1ll5 - superb!
The constant original trilogy references - cute!
the Threepio increasingly-lame-as-time-went-on gags - hmmmmm!!
"What a drag!" and "I'm beside myself" were particularly bad!!

And is the 'gold arm' a taste of things to come next episode?

Am off to see it again on Saturday morning ;)

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