[thechat] Forget The Movies, Couples Go More Exotic

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Fri May 17 08:24:00 CDT 2002

Hi Madhu,

While there definitely are some *weird things* from Cleveland - like me - if you put this story in the context of the local history of the area, it's perhaps not as odd as it may sound on the surface:

It's known as "the flats", an area where the Cuyahoga river meets Lake Erie on the near West side of downtown Cleveland.  A long time ago it was a pretty rough place ... a few dart bars and strip joints thrown in between the steel manufacturing plants and warehouses. Redone in the 70's with a reduction in steel manufacturing and an increase in clubs it became the center of the disco scene in Cleveburg. Some clubs, [like "Jicky's After Dark"], cashing in on their 'roughhouse' history by leaving the authentic bullet holes in the walls as part of the decor.

Over the last few decades manufacturing has continued to decline, but 'the flats' have continued to thrive ... and to move 'upscale' ... always a haven for the live music venues in town they now offer more fashionable [and expensive] restaurants and entertainment.

A lot of the old warehouses have been transformed into pricey "loft" apartments and into 'rack storage' pleasure boat facilities - things that bring people and even families into the flats.  {Something the area probably hasn't seen much of since Moses Cleveland landed there to found the city!}

There is also this incredibly cool 50's diner tucked away under a decaying bridge - that still serves old fashioned cherry or vanilla 'phosphates' - a rare treat that is *very* hard to find.

But through all of that change ... the strip clubs never entirely went away. Hell, some are 'landmarks' now.  I think they have evolved.  They've 'gone uptown' to compete for your entertainment dollars.  Bright, clean, loud, and trendy.  One or two have very nice and fashionable luxury boats with smaller stages and bars that tour the river during the shows.  They are now an "in" place to be seen.

Uh ... or so I've heard, of course!    ;-)

(Who originally hails from the birthplace of rock 'n roll on America's "north coast".)

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CLEVELAND-- Some couples are trading in dinner and a movie for something a
little more exotic -- they're going to strip clubs.

Hey, it's Cleveland. Anything can happen there, eh? ;)

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