[thechat] even more quatsch

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Fri May 17 12:22:07 CDT 2002

>> got a really tough sql query to write (sort IP numbers
>> using sql functions to split out the four groups of digits)
> Convert it all to binary.

yeah, offtopic for this list, but thanks for the interest, joel

the IP number is a string, and the tough part is finding the three periods
in there, and then pulling out the four groups of digits

once that's done, i suppose you could cast them as numerics and do the
conversion, but it's just as easy to pad them with zeroes on the left and
sort by four groups of 3-character strings

in sql/server, there's the charindex function which you can use to find the
first period, and then charindex(ipno,'.')-1 gives you the last character to
pull out the first substring (first group of 1 to 3 digits), but by the time
you're pulling out the fourth group of digits, you've got charindexes nested
up the yingyang

open to any other brilliant flashes of insight

offlist, if desired


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