[thechat] Zope on a Rope (or shoestring)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri May 17 12:44:08 CDT 2002

Hi Lach,

Pretty good memory!

... googol ...nephew...


If I get a chance, I'll have to check my four volume "World of Mathematics" by James Newman for info.  [Honest - it's more interesting than it sounds!]

(I think it's more fun when the math folks 'reuse' everyday words.  We end up considering things like an "irregular space". Sounds unpleasant!)

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From: Lachlan Cannon [mailto:luminosity at members.evolt.org]

The thing is, they never needed to count that high, so mathematicians get to make numbers up, like the one whose daughter named google. (1x 10^100) I think it was daughter anyway, it was so long ago that I read about the naming of that number.

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