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> --- Kath <Kath at cyber-kat.com> wrote:
> > A number of years ago, we were on a vacation in
> > England and the
> > Netherlands.
> ...which got me thinking.  since i've missed every
> single london beervolt so far and am going to move to
> germany soon, maybe we should have a eurovolt one day,
> in amsterdam would be cool ;)
> just a thought

ooooooh, good move - there's a few nice pubs and restaurants in around
Rembrandtsplein which are worth investigating, and if you take a walk from
there down Rokin, you find some more pleasing places of beerage :)

for those who have never been, and who want to try the red light district, i
recommend the Bananenbar on the left hand side of the canal on OZ
Achterburgwal (just off Damstraat) - ISTR it was about 100-120 guilders to
get in, but given we were on a stag night when we went in, we didn't really
care about the cost ;)

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