[thechat] Heat wave (was: bytes, more bytes, and yet more bytes)

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Fri May 17 14:25:09 CDT 2002

At 12:40 AM 5/18/2002, Judah wrote:

>Could it be heatstroke?  I understand that India is having quite the
>heatwave with alot of folks dieing.  I read that it was 124 in Andhra
>Pradesh state.  Yikes.  I hope you're holding out ok.

India has heat waves *every* summer, and lots of folks die. It ain't news
any more. When you consider that New Delhi (where I grew up) can hit 46
degrees Celsius (~115 deg. Farenheit) in May-June, it isn't surprising.

But I live in Bangalore now. Andhra Pradesh is our neighbouring state, and
despite being next to the ocean, it's freakin' hot in many places, which is
why the natives enjoy extremely spicy food.

Bangalore is generally moderate all year around, but we've been anxiously
awaiting rain to alleviate our power shortage. And then, it happened!
Today, when I was walking to the gym, I felt as if someone just poured a
bucket of water over my head. Out of nowhere, there was torrential rain.
Drenched me completely in a few seconds. I'm still checking for bruises
from the force of the rain. I kid you not, sir.

I'll shut up now.



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