[thechat] SW2 Spoilers: stop!

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Fri May 17 17:23:00 CDT 2002

On Fri, 17 May 2002 21:37:39 +0100 "William Anderson" <neuro at well.com>

> > The "spoiler space" doesn't work very well for the digest members.

Shit, sorry madman. I plead the usenet thing as well *:)

> > OK, I've got to ask just one thing: N'Sync was supposed to make a
> > cameo appearance. Didja see those runts? (With Justin Timberlake's
> > singing, they should call the band "Outta Sync".)
> no idea - there's a sequence in a club, they could have been extras
> somewhere in there i suppose ... absolutely no idea :)

Nope, they're not in it.....from this months copy of Empire magazine

[all spelling mistakes are mine, it's not online so I'm typing]
At every stage of it's production, Episode II has been the subject of
intense scrutiny, but nothing induced as much furore (read jealousy) as
the news that boy band NSYNC would have cameos as 'Third Jedi From The

"That was such a complicated, long-winded, unbelievable bunch of wank"
says a disbelieving McCallum [1]. "NSYNC don't do a lot of
work here, but they use Skywalker Sound to mix down a few of their
songs. And they are big fans of Star Wars. Anyway, I saw them and they
asked if they could ever be in the thing. I said, 'Look, if you wanna be
in it as an extra you can.' But then we found out that they were in the
union and we don't shoot in the United States, we're not members of the
union, so we had to cancel it. how it blew up from there, God only

[1] http://www.starwars.com/bio/rickmccallum.html

So there you go.

Sorry about the spoilers madhu, but trust me, there is *so* much we
haven't talked about yet.


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