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Sat May 18 02:53:01 CDT 2002


> Just got back from the latest Star Wars. Great
> movie. Amazing effects.

It was great, wasn't it! I, actually, was a bit afraid that the love
story would dominate too much (I got that impression from one of the
trailers), but I'm totally satisfied with the movie now. Absolutely

There was a nice balance between everything - the big story (which was
GREAT), the love part, the fighting and everything else. It also
answered quite a few questions that arose from the older episodes.

I sincerely look forward to the next episode, which should wrap
everything up.

> Now I want to go rent the first two, then watch this new one
> again, and then rent 4, 5, 6..... in order for once.

I had a similar idea after the movie, but mine was more along the lines
of: "gather a bunch Star Wars fans, and organize all of the episodes to
be shown on one of the screens in the cinema (they probably should be
shown in the order that they were made... or I don't know, maybe in the
correct order... we'll see)." I will try to get that going after all of
the episodes are out.

Coming back to Episode II -- everybody, go see it, it's great.

p.s. Shirley, did you witness something odd when going to see the movie?
I noticed security measures (come on, security measures in a cinema!).
That was very weird -- each bag was checked for cameras and each of the
tickets was registered with a PDA when going to your seat. Is Mr. Lucas
behind all that?

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