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Lauri Vain lauri_lists at tharapita.com
Sat May 18 03:57:01 CDT 2002

Heya Shirley,

> Yes, I thought that part was good, too. Anakin was rather
> good looking, IMO, which I enjoyed just fine. ;-)

I liked Senator Amidala -- that was one sexy and trained belly she had

(Just for the record -- yeah, I'm a male -- Lauri is a name for males in
Finland and Estonia).

> Yes, indeed. My son also pointed out a few tidbits that end
> up being points in the "future" episodes, too.

Yes, there were some hints on what is "going to happen".

> I'm still laughing about Yoda.

It's now 24 hours since I went to see it and I'm still chuckling from
time to time about him as well. (I would like to babble about what I
liked best, but I might ruin it for somebody).

> That would be terrific..... maybe make it a weekend adventure. (I

Nah, I was thinking on the same day (from early morning to late night).
We've done that with some friends before -- running from behind one
screen to another all day long (we managed to see five great movies in
the cinema). It was kind of fun - you buy all the tickets at 10 am and
you're in that very same building all day long until 11 pm (we did go
out to grab lunch, though). There was actually one instance where one
movie ended when the second one had already run 5 minutes. So we ran
down, went through the bar-code register gates, and ran up again. Thank
god for the commercials - we didn't miss the beginning of that movie :)

Yes, I'm a movie junkie, yes I'm also a book junkie and yes, I'm also a
work-a-holic. (I bet you think that I should get some therapy :))

> No, we didn't here. But I'm also not surprised to hear that, as
> we have had increased security on and off, though, since the
> September 11th attacks. There are guards at the doors and more

We're very far from New York and Washington, so September 11th didn't
affect us that way much. I'm guessing the hand of the all-powerful Mr.
Lucas is behind this one :p

> people walking around with walkie talkies but we didn't have our
> bags checked.

I had a backpack, which was checked -- hand bags weren't checked.

> measures. Where are you? I'm in northern California (Sacramento).

I'm in Estonia.
(are you thinking about "What's that and should I use ketchup on it?"
:)). Hint: south from Finland. If you want to know more, check out
www.estonica.com (ignore the text on the first page :))

> Were there reserved seats? We just had tickets and first-come

Many people, including me, did buy their tickets the day before. I'm
guessing that about 400 tickets or so were sold the day before from the
room with 514 seats (the first two-three rows were empty because it was
early on a workday). Star Wars also ran on a second screen at the very
same time (don't know the statistics about that one).

> first-serve seating here. We went to the 6:15pm show here, which

I went to the first show -- 11.45 am yesterday (after my time - GMT

(I have to run now -- I might not be able to check my e-mail for 5-6
hours or so.)

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