[thechat] Who killed Daniel Pearl...?

Syed Zeeshan Haider szh at hotpop.com
Sat May 18 05:13:00 CDT 2002

Hi Erika,
I don't know you are American or not but I think USA Government is
allergic with the words of "fight" and "war", if these words or used by
other than Americans. I give you an example. We have a daily TV show
titled "News Night". It is a talk show about current affairs. One day,
when USA war against terror was on its peak, USA ambassador to Pakistan
was called in the show to discuss some matters related to Pak-USA
relations and current affairs. The compare of the show, Talat Hussain,
said, "We must fight against poverty, fight against illiteracy, fight
against joblessness". In reply to this American Ambassador said in a
very sarcastic style, "Look! You used the word 'fight' three times in a
sentence". It seemed very strange. Here word "fight" meant struggle for
human development rather than bloodshed. The word "fight" was used as a
superlative form of "struggle" but American Ambassador did mind this
also. Don't you think such attitude creates a humorous situation?
Hey! Americans! Don't mind this! It's all about your government.
Erika! I appreciate your opinion about violence and war. Islam is for
peace and stability of human, not for war. In Islam, a Muslim country is
not allowed to attack any other country unless the other attacks and
starts a formal war with the Muslim country. Jihad is struggle for some
good reason, not terrorism. Alas! Taliban and Al-Qaeda used Islam
and Jihad for what they were not. Taliban and Al-Qaeda are the products
of wars and they have no other means to exist except war and violence.
They need a shield to protect their aggressive attitude and Islam and
Jihad are the most easy to get and use.
Thank you very much for offering Beatles CD. I really appreciate it. You
just tell me the title of the CD, I will easily find it in my local
Thanks again!
Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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You have not been offensive, but in fact you have stated your opinion
about a political situation that involves your country and your

I think that this kind of communication is vital.  It's the only way
to prevent the dehumanization of one group by another.  By
dehumanizing, we convince people to go to war and murder their
brothers (and sisters and children).

Your words are reasonable.  I agree, except I do not support "war
against terror."  In fact, I think "war against terror" is
doublespeak.  I think war IS terror.  I think you cannot divide up
violence into "good violence" and "bad violence."  It's all violence,
and the effects are the same.  War is very damaging.

As you pointed out, the Taliban were supported by the US for many
years.  The US government has no right to moralize, in my opinion,
for this and many other reasons.

I'm glad for one thing, mostly: that we can practice free speech.
But this is a right we must fight for, and not allow to lapse.

BTW, if you send me your address offlist, maybe I'll send you a
couple of CD's.  Since you never heard of "Hey Jude" I think maybe
you need some Beatles.

"and in the end..
the love you take..
is equal to the love you make.."

take care,


>I strongly support war against terror and strongly condemn Taliban and
>Al-Qaeda but what I have written is also fact.
>This post did not mean to offend any person, country, religion,
>if you think I have been offensive then please ignore.
>Thank you,
>Syed Zeeshan Haider.


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