[thechat] Doom

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Sun May 19 00:05:00 CDT 2002

Seb said:
>>So, my question is, can anyone suggest another game for me to get that
>>requires problem solving and shooting lots of things?
> Half-Life.
> You can probably pick it up for 10 quid about now. It\'s still one of
> the best first-person shooting games ever made, with quite an involving
> storyline that just drags you into playing.

Definitely Half-Life. I picked up a copy of Soul Reaver the other day - 10
bucks (5 us). That has plenty of problem solving, although it's more hand to
hand than shooting. Until you get the fire reaver <grin />.

Also, while on the topic of FPS's, if you haven't played Deus Ex, you must
buy it now!

Oh and concerning AvP - no big loss if you couldn't play it. It's far far
too dark, far far too easy, and far far too boring. good idea, but the
execution is horrible. hopefully AvP2 is better. when I can find that in the
bargain bin. ;)

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