[thechat] Harry Potter (was: Donner party)

ashok at magicalkenya.com ashok at magicalkenya.com
Sun May 19 12:31:01 CDT 2002

>That reminds me of something interesting. I went to University in
>Australia. Some people, when they heard that I was Indian, would say,
>English is really good", to which I'd usually respond, "Thank you. So is
>yours!" ;)

What you said  is so true !
Not that my english is very great  :)  ... but i sometimes I do get
questions like :
"Oh your name is ashok  [something typically mispronounced :-( ].... , so
how is your english [so] good, since english cannot be  your 1st language ?

one reason to blame for this misconception would be hollywood movies which
typically potray indians (and south asians in general) as having some
really bad accents and grammar usage [typical example : use the word
'being' everywhere..., e.g. this is being very nice]. Its not that i resent
it ,  since hindi movies (and all other indian language movies) show
westerners (and any foriegner in general )  with very bad accents as well ;

after all , It is being just trying to being funny in film.

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