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> For instance, I had read that the first Harry Potter book was called
> Potter and the Philosopher Stone," but when they released it in America,
> they changed the title to "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone," because
> they thought no one in America would know what a Philosopher Stone was.


It's Sorcerer's and Philosopher's, as in the Stone that belongs to the
Sorcerer/Philosopher, not a Sorcerer/Philosopher type of Stone ... (perhaps
that would make more sense either way?) ...


That aside, I'm unsure why the name was changed - usually _we_ in the UK
have to bear the dumbed down name changes, e.g. Reindeer Games (with Ben
Affleck and Gary Sinise) became Deception, due to its being released in the
height of summer over here, and the studio thought people would get

So it's interesting to see it turned on its head ;)

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