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Sun May 19 23:26:00 CDT 2002

At 08:34 PM 5/19/2002, you typed:
>Am I the only one who thinks that many of the script/convo's in Ep2 were
>exceptionally poor?

My son wanted to see it again, so we just got back from seeing it for the
2nd time (Friday night, and then again tonight). I thought there were some
lousy lines, that's for sure. I thought the script could have been lots better.

>I mean, the line from Anakin about not liking sand, but liking Padme was
>trash. It wasn't cute Star Wars cheesy. Just downright bad.

Made me gag, too. There were a few like that, though, that I thought could
have been done differently, written differently. I was disappointed about
that aspect of the film.

>And some absolutely appalling acting too. How could Lucas not have looked
>back and thought "shit, that's bad. gotta shoot that again."?!

That's what I thought, too. Some of it just didn't having the feeling it
needed, some was too monotone.

>And of course, we now know that the way to Natalie Portman's heart is to
>kill a tribe. And the women. And the children. Delightful!

Sick, huh?!

>Better than Ep1 (which I actually didn't mind - at least they build up to
>the Maul battle in that one nicely), but nothing to rave about with so many
>unforgivable and cringeworthy moments.

Yoda more than made up for the lines that were lacking, though, IMO. Seeing
certain scenes again tonight really made me adore him even more.
Tremendously done.

And the special effects were amazing. I enjoyed all of that very much.

If the scripting and delivery of some of the lines could have been better
I'd give the movie a 10. Certain parts of it were definitely a 10, and I
loved watching it, even with some of the lines and script not living up to
the rest of it. I didn't mind at all seeing it twice, and I wouldn't
hesitate to watch it again, either. So there was lots to keep my interest.


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