[thechat] wierd google

ashok at magicalkenya.com ashok at magicalkenya.com
Tue May 28 12:37:00 CDT 2002

i 've been having some wierd google behavior of late :

1) whenever i type google.com , i either get sent to google.nl or sometimes
(.de and .nl varies when i use the isp's proxy and when not using it...) -
this i realize after looking at some news groups - apparently they used to
(? so why now...)  redirect to mirror servers based on geographical
location of originating ip address...

2) i thought google indexes were like mirrored or something... ?
i searched form some recent news in google.nl -- i got a different bunch of
results for exactly the same keywords in google.com.  and strangely enough
google.nl and google.de seem to throw more upto date results.. !

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