[thechat] Things I Have Learned About Texas!

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Tue May 28 16:09:01 CDT 2002

Well now!

Joel - Oddly enough, I learned the reason for that a couple of weeks ago.  It seems that 'dillos have a natural instinct to 'leap' when they are in danger.  While it might have served them well a million years ago by confusing predators long enough to allow them to dig into the ground enough to protect their soft undersides  ... it doesn't seem to work as well when they find themselves under the carriage of an F-350 barreling along at 70 mph!

Miriam - Speaking of soft under... nebbermind ... See Joel's past thread on 'creative' cities.  I think them other 'dillos are alive and well here in the Lone Star State!  ;-)   Heck, a few years ago we even had a 'techno' dance club open here in Houston that showed black and white 'smoker' films on numerous small screens in both the mens and ladies rest rooms - there was a fair amount of static that I think was intentionally induced to produce an effect more suited to 'vibe' than titillation.  Unfortunately they also made the bartenders, (including my old pal 'Cadillac'), dress in these funky neo-gladiator outfits, (poor guy - he's even older than me!) ... although the waitress outfits *were* kinda cute!


(Waiting for someone else to send in a link to one of those "wierd laws that were never removed from the books" sites -- like photographing rabbits in Ohio during certain months of the year.)

{... and my crack on stupidity was offensive? ... let's research wierd sex laws instead!}    ;-)

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> Things I Have Learned About Texas
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> Armadillos sleep in the middle of the road with their feet in the air.

Concealed weapons may be legal, but non-lethal things that a person might
enjoy concealing elsewhere are not legal.

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