[thechat] Things I Have Learned About Texas!

JCanfield at magisnetworks.com JCanfield at magisnetworks.com
Tue May 28 16:50:00 CDT 2002

> > - In Kingsville, Texas, there is a law against two pigs
> having sex on
> > the city's airport property.
> The funny thing about all these laws is they suggest what
> people *were* doing - would you suggest a new law against
> something unless you saw someone doing it and reacted "that's
> just wrong" ?

I've found in some cases that these things are intentional twists on
otherwise sensible laws. F'rinstance, one souce (can't find it now) states
that it's illegal to tie your alligator to a fire hydrant in Miami. Well,
there *is* a law making it illegal to tie *any* animal to a fire hydrant in
Miami, so that would apply to 'gators, right?

Sometimes I think laws are written by politicians.


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