[thechat] Your Opinion is Required

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Tue May 28 17:40:00 CDT 2002

hi syed

i sure hope that your survey is not prompted by the recent events
surrounding the troubles in kashmir, because that is a serious situation and
my answers to your survey are perhaps too flippant


> Q1. What do you think about thousands of ballistic missiles and nuclear
weapons which are in possession of USA, UK, France, Russia and China?

i think they're probably quite nice, although terribly misunderstood -- each
of them (with the exception of a few of the russian weapons) probably wants
nothing more than to grow up to be a nice respectable power plant or cancer
treatment centre somewhere

> Q2. Are these powers of the world justified to possess such amount of such
destructive weapons?

absolutely not

they totally overlook the harmful effect that stockpiling missiles and
nuclear weapons has on their economies -- everyone knows that economies will
not be properly stimulated unless those nations turn to other weapons, like
infantries and cavalries, which require far greater economic output to
sustain, thus making the sacrifice for the war effort more real, and hence,
more rewarding in the end

> Q3. Why do these countries prohibit other countries to have these weapons
when they have these with their own-selves?

because they can

> Q4. If these powers think that other countries are non-sense to have such
weapons then do these powers have any sense; if we observe their character
in world community?

character?  it is to laugh

i mean, take for example the united states of america (please!) -- they will
send a powerful force halfway around the  world and stomp the living shit
out of a country just to avenge a few office workers, and yet when israel
tries to root out its own terrorists, the entire world dumps on them,
including the oh so righteous aforementioned u s of a

ooops, i may have described that reality a bit too colourfully for some here

> Q5. Will there be any threat to world peace if small countries start their
own space program for scientific researches?

space program?  hell no!!  what a great idea -- send the evil axis to the

i'll bet the usa would even fund that


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