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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue May 28 20:45:10 CDT 2002

> From: "Syed Zeeshan Haider" <szh at hotpop.com>
> Q 1.        What do you think about thousands of ballistic missiles
> and nuclear weapons which are in possession of USA, UK, France, Russia
> and China?

i think any sentient race has the right to keep devices that allow it
to blink itself out of existence... it's unfortunate that those
weapons affect more than humans, though...

other than a token amount to shake at nations that are truly bizarre,
the bulk should be strapped to Saturn V rockets and prepared as an
asteroid defense system... the rest should be kept ready to be used
in mining operations out in the nearby solar system...

after all, why let them go to waste?

> Q 2.        Are these powers of the world justified to
> possess such amount of such destructive weapons?

who's qualified to decide whether they're qualified?

IMO, yes, any nation has a right to possess them... use them,
however, is a whole different story...

> Q 3.        Why do
> these countries prohibit other countries to have these weapons when
> they have these with their own-selves?

stability factor... if a nation (with or without these weapons) feels
another nation is too prone to having its government toppled, then
why would you want different power structures with different agendas
to cycle through that destructive potential?  russia wasn't supposed
to lose control, but they have, and now nukes are floating on the
black market... or at least that's what the CIA claims...

any nation run by a group of people who think blowing themselves up
to take out others is probably not a nation that will be looked upon
favorably when it comes time to develop a nuke program...

so, other nations, with or without nukes, can be expected to try to
bring a halt to other nuke programs...

> Q 4.        If these powers
> think that other countries are non-sense to have such weapons then do
> these powers have any sense; if we observe their character in world
> community?

if those weapons are strictly controlled with an effective check and
balance system, then that nation may act as an example to other
nations who are going to get nukes anyway, but could certainly be
more responsible about it... not to mention, mutually assured
destruction has some merit as well, as long as suicide isn't an ideal
method of assault for these nations...

> Q 5.        Will there be any threat to world peace if
> small countries start their own space program for scientific
> researches?

i doubt it... unless they're flying nukes in them spacecraft... but
space-worthy craft serve no real military purpose on their own, since
long-range delivery vehicles are still easy enough to build... and
spy satellites aren't too much of a threat... and as long as nobody's
seeding the atmosphere with anthrax...

so, why you asking?  taking up a hobby?

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