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> > (2) If I could only get my hands on one of the Chinese --- I'd have
> > a full set.  [Collect 'em all!]
> In fact, with every RS-12 Topol (SS-25 Sickle) you buy, we'll give
> you a Transporter Erector Launcher (TEL) absolutely free!
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Well, the phones have been red hot since we announced this spectacular
offer - we might not have many more to offer today, but later in this
special Mass Destruction hour, we will have some Chinese DF-5s for you to
purchase - they're a little bit larger than most ICBMs we've offered you in
the past, but you know the brand, so you know it's quality.  We've also got
some SA-12A Gladiator tactical SAM units too - you'll remember these from
last time - they double up as ABM interceptors!  Two amazing features for
the price of one!  But let's not get carried away - they'll be here later in
the hour - let's get back to the RS-12 Topols ... there are still a few
left, so keep phoning!

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