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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed May 29 09:56:01 CDT 2002

Dang! ... I reckon grey would be aright, but the paint job would use up the money I was savin for the 'larm sysem.  You know them dang ^%$^%$^&%^$ here in the trailer park will swipe jess 'bout anythin' whut ain't nailed down!

Shoot, I was gonna have to take it in to get the winders tinted anyway.  Maybe woulda put some 'powered by Linux' and '3' stickers on the back ...

Y'all don't think the kick boxes will mess with them stabilizer gyros do you?

Ooooo!  8 AKs, huh?  Fun for the whole family!

Anxiously watching for the Kathy Lee demonstration!
[Target or Target-ee ... you make the call!]

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From: William Anderson [mailto:neuro at well.com]

Unfortunately caller, we've sold out of the camo style, but the gunmetal
grey is easily resprayable

As for the cup holders, we're sorry to tell you that the TELs don't come
equipped with that particular item, but they do come equipped with 8 AK-47s
(ammunition not supplied) and a stainless steel rack holder!

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