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>It's a "if you attack me, I'll blast you arse" veiled threat
This does sounds like an anti-pickup line from a x-rated movie !

I used to read  this magazine called "strategic analysis" published by IDSA
(Inst. for defense Studies & analysis - they are funded by the  Indian
Defense ministry...) quite a while back . There used to be quite a few
articles about scenarios pertaining to indo-pak nuke proliferation - some
of the scenarios were pretty scary :-
like a 6 month 'nuclear winter' on new delhi for a worst case scenario
strike - the government operating from south india  -  and they did observe
that dropping a nuke on a pakistan city like lahore (close to the border)
in addition to vaporizing everything there would also affect large parts of

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> It's a "if you attack me, I'll blast you arse" veiled threat.


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