[thechat] Your Opinion is Required

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed May 29 19:46:00 CDT 2002

> countries aren't separated by a pond. In fact, they're right next to each
> other. If either country launched a nuclear weapon, they'd probably hurt
> themselves as well. I also know that India has second strike capability
> (Pakistan probably does too), so the retaliation would be swift, and would

A report in the paper today said that nuclear strikes between the two
countries would wipe out 12 million people. I was surprised at such a low
number to be honest.


"The US Defence Intelligence Agency estimates up to 12 million people would
be killed in a nuclear war between India and Pakistan."

The report "...presumes both India and Pakistan successfully use most of the
weapons in their nuclear arsenals and target populated areas."

How could they not kill more than 12m?

The increase in military spending frustrates me. If people stopped giving
others reasons to attack them...

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