[thechat] Tyson Lost the Game: Who watched?

Sean G. ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Mon Jun 10 20:54:01 CDT 2002


At least Tyson was humble in defeat, thanking Lewis for the pay day and
taking his hand off to him.

Iron Mike is an quotable as Ali, though for different reasons...

Sean G.

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> He's a psychopath who doesn't need an excuse to beat up people,
> or to bite them.


> I did watch the match from start to finish.

Me too. It finally started at 6.30 am (although it was supposed to start
at 4 am). We went to a friends house, threw a barbecue, grabbed several
four packs, played soccer, took a sauna (maaan, that sauna was the best
one ever) and then watched Tyson vs Lewis.

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