[thechat] Really a Survey

Jon Haworth jhaworth at witanjardine.co.uk
Fri Jun 14 11:56:00 CDT 2002

Hi Joel,

> > Above all else, music - but then that's a science as well as
> > an art :-)
> Music, how? Performer, composer, arranger?

Knob-twiddling :-)

I spent a lot of time at the London branch of http://sae.edu/ (still go back
occasionally and mess around with their Neve VR <drool>). I have piles of
audio gear sitting around in the back room at home, but I rarely have time
to do anything with it, sadly.

I used to work in recording studio in London but you kind of get fed up with
getting paid 70p an hour when the stuff you do as a hobby (i.e. mess about
with computers) pays slightly better.

I also play piano - not hugely well, but I can bash out Beethoven's
Pathetique without getting too many fingers caught under the keys :-)

ObDreamJob: Chief Mix Engineer for Deutsche Grammophon

> Shirley Kaiser is compiling some stuff on independent musicians, with a
> special emphasis on web designers who are in musical fields. Just
> if you fit into that category.
> http://shirleykaiser.com/indie/index.html

Well, I learnt a few years ago I prefer engineering to performing (in the
same way I prefer doing back-end stuff to user interfaces <g>)... not sure
how I'd fit in to her groups...


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