[thechat] PWC alternative name

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Sat Jun 15 20:07:00 CDT 2002

from a lengthy post vilifying the name change --

    Their rebranding announcement was so badly flubbed,
    perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised to see how little
    attention it's received. Yet I find it strange that there's
    been such a shocking lack of scorn and derision heaped
    on this one. Where have all the cynics gone?

    Throwing $110 million at Wolff Olins to rebrand your company
    gets you a new name and a new look. But people will still figure
    out for themselves what they think of you.

    You can and should work hard to influence it, but "Positioning" is
    something you receive, not something you achieve. Corporate
    reputation - the public perception of what the company stands for -
    is a gift. It's something the market will give to you in return for the
    way you behave. Act like Enron, you'll be treated like Enron.
    It was ever thus.

    BTW, a few observant punters have kindly pointed out that
    the actual trademarked name being adopted is "Monday:"

    That is - Monday Colon.

    Hmm... "Monday Colon". Sounds like the condition you'd suffer
    after a heavy ale and curry weekend.

    Monday Colon - the bumpipe of the global consulting world.



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